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If you are not sure what services would best fit you and your family, please contact us to discuss your needs and come up with a customizable plan that works for you. 
All training programs begin with a general consultation.  
Obedience Cue Training


Various options available to you and your dog:


- Basic Obedience Cues 

- Intermediate and Advanced Obedience Cues

- Clicker Training


Kids and Dogs


Various programs available geared toward kids and the dogs they love:


- Basic obedience cues

- Kids guide to walking your dog

- Fetch with your dog

- Basic dog interaction 


Behavior Modification


Treatment plans to suit your individual dog for topics such as:

- Jumping, Digging, Housebreaking, Inappropriate chewing, Puppy nipping, begging, counter surfing, barrier/fence reactivity and leash reactivity.


Specialized Consultations:


- So you think you want a dog?  This includes:

  • What types of personalities and traits to look for in a dog that might be good for your family and your lifestyle.

  • Setting your new dog up to succeed by preparing your home for the new arrival, etc.

- Creating a multi-dog household.

- Dogs and Kids 101 for first-time dog owners.

- Socialization 101

- Equipment desensitization (head halter, muzzles, etc.)


Consultations can be set up to cover other topics you may need.  Send an email to inquire today!


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